Olesya Gonserovskaya

Art, Design & Illustration


As an artist/illustrator I'm interested in a wide range of topics, especially with 
environmental and social impact as she really hopes to make a world a better place. The style
and technique for each upcoming project are made up peculiarly on a case-by-case basis

Fun fact: there was in my career, when I was not entrusted with children’s books and projects (so admired!), but only teenage ones because of the semantic ambiguity and multi-layered illustrations

Values that affect my work at the first place:
being sincere
being aware of current global issues
staying childish enough to be able to make
it through tough times

Illustrators’ and artists’ awards:
  • The Image of the Book, for illustration of K. Remezova book "Avant-garde train full steam ahead!", 2020
  • The Image of the Book, for illustration of E. Gunter book "Dacha", 2018
  • Bevilacqua contest, short-listed, 2017
  • The Orients, 1st prize, 2015 
    Selected published books:
    The Gold, Polyandria publishing, non-fiction picture book for 8-15 y. o., 346 × 252 mm, 2022
    The childhood in Pugovichny pereylok, Volchok publishing, cover + illustrations, for 8-15 y. o., 2022
    The Karlson family and …, K. Mazetti detective stories for 4-9 y. o., Albus Corvus publishing, cover + illustrations, 207 × 135 mm, 2022
    Out of the nest, Samokat publishing, the idea and full release of the picture book for 4-9 y. o., 22 × 22 cm, 2022
    The Avant-Garde Train full steam ahead! The idea and full release of the picture book picture book for 9-16, Arka publishing, 296 × 223 mm, 2020
    Kalechina, illustrations and cover for E. Nekrasova novel for young adult, 14 × 20 cm, 2019
    Ahead to dacha! Peshkom v istoriy publishing, picture book for 6-10 y. o., 312 × 251 cm, 2018
    Wildcat Under Glass, illustrations and cover for Alki Zei novel for 13-15 y. o., Samokat publishing, 14 × 20 cm, 2018
    Graduated from: 
    Rodchenko Art School, Media arts (2022)
    Pro Arte Institute for Young Artists (2018)
    St. Petersburg State Academy of Industrial Arts (Stieglitz Academy, 2015 /Monumental Art Department/)